Working for the Weekend!

YUP, that's my new slogan. Over the next few weeks "I'm working for the weekend" putting together a wonderful assortment of wild and wonderful new projects for all to enjoy. I will finally get the opportunity to meet many of you fellow JSI's OR "IT" girls and I can't wait.
Over the next few months I hope you will be able to attend one of my classes. Each class offers a brand new technique. I will always include some "freebie" ideas and many samples show casing the new techniques you've just learned. You really don't want to miss these classes as you will soon be hearing and seeing these cool projects everywhere and wonder how they were done. Samples have been supplied to JSI for viewing prior to signing up for a class, if you get a chance stop by and check them out.

A special hello to all the gals in Allan. Special surprises await you!

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