Weekends Rule!

For the past two days I've been busy at JSI showing the gals how to make gumball machines...so much fun. JSI's weekend crop was a huge success. Wipe the smile off my face. Thanks to Ralna, I was able to finally show my work. I've been sitting on stuff for months, not wanting to post. But now I can. Watch this site for upcoming RAKS, games & challenges.

I'm off to Grandpa''s 83rd birthday today, out of town. So NOT much will get done here today.
But I have some great things to start showing you right here!

A busy couple of months are ahead of me. My classes are booking up! Thanks to all the "IT" gals for their support. I just hope to find some time to work on some new stuff soon. I've been on a bit of a shopping spree lately and can't wait to start working with all this cool new stuff.

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April D said...

Hey Lee. you wanted me to make a comment so here it is...lol I also had so much fun this weekend and loved the little gumball machine that you taught us to make. Thanks also for the other little technique that you taught a few of us, can't wait to try it...you are very talented in your work...look forward to scrappin again sometime.