Hey there visitors. To all of my blog followers I'd like to say THANK YOU! I see many of you live many miles and oceans away from me. I am always amazed that there are so many Scrapbookers all over the world. One of these days I'm gonna create a WORLD Scrapbooking Crop. We'll all meet up in a different host country each year. Exchange a keepsake, call in some of the "hottest" SB'ers and crop until we drop. Who's in for this challenge????? Could you imagine the sponsors that would be needed for this event. Wow! You'd have to hold it every two or three years just for planning such a huge event. And then where would you house and crop 3000 SB'ers hehe. I have yet to get any SB'ers from Africa, yet I know South Africa has a large number of SB'ers. Hello, South Africa! Well back to creating.

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