I've been tagged by http://4boysandagirl.typepad.com/ thankyou miss K.

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1. I collect non-sports cards with the biggest collection being "Disney". I'm in the process of organizing them right now. (200,000 plus cards)
2. I secretly want to sing in a church choir, but I have no training and cant read music.
3. I spent many years as a professional seamstress.
4. Gardening has become a real facination for me.
5. A goal I'm trying to achieve is total wellness. But am struggling because I have a sweet tooth.
6. I've only read a few fiction books in my entire life. But have read 1000's of non-fiction books.
7. I gave a speech on child hunger to the Governor General of Canada.

So here are a few goodies that many dont know. A small glimpse into the world of Lee. So now I get to go and tag......





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