My Painful Journey.
Hair, I’ve always had tons of it. I was born with pitch black hair. By the age of three (1968) I’m sure my mother must have figured out that my hair was going to give her a lot of grief. But only a couple of years later, I had long hair. One of my mom’s favorite stories is about the time my grandma (Elsie) did my hair in curls. She used cloth to do this. I remember the day. I thought it was great. Grandma and me hanging out doing girly things. WOW, what a day. Until I got home. My curls were so tight. I looked like Orphan Annie and mom hated it. So I never did that again. It was a love hate relationship for my mother when I was young. I didn’t care which way the wind blew my hair. I always did it up. Ribbons, barrettes, I remember how much I loved those ties that were so soft and fuzzy. Those were the days! Then the 1970’s hit with a wave of FARRAH hair. What were we thinking? This just was the worst hair period of my life. I was already struggling with my self image, bushy eyebrows and zits. But to frame my face and accent all of those weak spots. WOW! I could still crawl into a hole everytime I look at that picture (1980) Thanks a lot Farrah! Ok so that passes and we move on to a time when I got the hair working for me, somewhat, but those eyebrows. OOP’s! I didn’t miss the bushy hair on top of my head era, but there aren’t many pictures of that. One small blessing.
I’m back to long hair again in the early 80’s. Which I think was Ok, it was easy. I was 25 and free as a bird. I didn’t need a fussy hair style weighing me down. But, come the 1990’s and I had to go and experiment again. SHORT PERMED HAIR, REALLY? (1991) I had a smirk on my face in this photo, I’m not surprised at all, given the fact that I look like, well I just don’t know how to describe this one. Moving on, I didn’t mind my shorter hair in 1992, I thought I was just so stylin’. So much so I had a passport picture taken. DUH! Ya remember these moments with a photo for all the world to see for all eternity!
So I finally woke up to the whole hair thing twenty eight years after I started my journey. Since attending post secondary education, I learned pretty quickly that fashion doesn’t always mean common sense. Most of the gals I went to school with were pretty cool and in order to be apart of that, one had to rise to the occasion. I grew my hair long again. This stayed with me in varying lengths and degrees for along time. However, I still hadn’t learned my lesson at this point. Now when I married my husband I had the thickest, healthiest, most beautiful hair. But only a few years later, it was as short as it’s ever been. I’ve colored my hair, permed my hair and done just about everything a girl could do to their hair. But I’m past the short hair stage…..for now. I love long hair, I always have and I always will. The only other great thing about my hair at my age right now, is the fact that Mr. Gray hasn’t hit me too hard…..YET!
I don’t think I will ever be bald, but if my HAIR history has anything to do with it, I’ll probably be that one day as well. And I will embrace it like I’ve embraced every other hair moment I’ve had, with pride, tons of product and a sense of humor. After all it is just hair. It will return. And if it doesn’t I can always start experimenting with wigs!
My DS is convinced there's a little boy in this LO! He thinks I should take it out. LOL. TFL


Jason and Hope said...

I love this LO and all the hairdos! I did one like this for dh and me since we've known each other. It's so fun, huh? Great job, Lee!

lesliescraps said...

I love this! We must be about the same age LOL! I've had the same awful hairstyles over the years too. Love that you got so many pics on this & the dates on them.