well here it is, my entry for the Tinkering Ink challenge, I didnt have much to work with only two pieces of pp. I had to get really creative on this one. But the best part was figuring out how to make a little magic in photoshop. This photo of me was dark, damaged and discolored. I am so happy to really be making photoshop work for me. I don't have the upgraded version, but down the road I may make the investment. I can see some digital LO's on the horizon.

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karen In Houston said...

Great job and I just got Photoshop elements 6.0 and mad my first digital layout, it took a while to learn and I am still in the learning process but I just love being able to sit in my recliner with the laptop and create. I also like hybrid and love paper scrapbooking, what a great world of crafting there is. I foound a great tutorial for digital layouts and it is at www.theshabbyshoppe.com, thought I would pass this info along to you.If you get time check out my blog at http://treasureddreams.blogspot.com