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Biography – SUZEE
It was probably a fall day. My father was out running errands, when he returned he brought with him a gift I would cherish forever. Not just any gift but a friendship that would endure provinces, states, countries, flooding, a fire, hundreds of moves and ONE BROTHER!
Oh the joy I must have felt at that moment. A sure squeal of excitement, that my dad hadn’t wrap this gift in a brown paper Woolco bag.
I was only three at the time I received Suzee. This treasure has never had a gender. It’s always been a he/she. Don’t ask me why, just look at it. For years this token of love came with me everywhere. We traveled to Washington one year for the Worlds Fair. What a wonderful trip this was for my family, but not so much for Suzee. You see we had left the campground and drove about 300 miles. That’s when I discovered Suzee was no longer with us. As you can well imagine, there wasn’t much discussion in the LOOOONNG ride back to the campsite to retrieve SUZEE. I gleefully picked her up off the picnic table and we proceeded on our way.
My father tells me that Suzee was bought with a full tank of gas! A gift from the Shell service station. He must have died and gone to heaven, thinking to himself, a full tank of gas and an ugly monkey for my daughter. Wow those were the days, when they handed out gifts like that.
Now many years have passed and many changes have taken place in Suzee’s life. But one more outstanding moment came at the hands of my brother. A creative soul, so he thought, decided it would be fun to color marker all over Suzee’s face. Funny right! NOT! Poor Suzee cried for days. I managed to remove most of the graffiti. But to this day she has scars of that moment. She can’t even be in the same room as my brother. And can you blame her!
Suzee now has a special place in my bedroom, but she will always have a special place in my heart. This is truly the only item I’ve managed to hang on to all of these years. And for good reason, what person could resist a smile like that!
My DH helped out with the photos that we took of Suzee. You just have to love a family that allows you to be as silly as you want. This really is my favorite childhood toy and my guys allow me to enjoy that.
Suzee will celebrate her 40th birthday this year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TREASURED FRIEND!

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