The journaling reads: Grandma Elsie told me that she was born on leap year. Upon further investigation... I called mom. Elsie's oldest daughter to confirm her birth date. Mom told me that she didnt know Elsies birthday. I am in total shock! I said "what do you mean you don't know your own mothers special day!" Well as the story goes. Grandma didnt know her birthday either. I guess when she applied for old age security, her birth date was wrong. For her entire life she celebrated her birthday on a different day. My mother could not confirm a date, only the year Elsie was born. So for the record I want you to know that Elsie told me she was born on Feb 29, 1928. With all my love grandma!
I did this LO tonight, I phoned my mother tonight. I had to hunt down my grandma's obituary to confirm a date and guess what. NO BIRTHDATE WAS LISTED! I just can't believe out of 8 children no one knew their mothers birthday. So tomorrow I have some investigating to do. My mom did say she thought I was right about the date, but that I had better call her sisters to be sure. What a hoot! What a night!

I'm supposed to be packing for my big crop weekend and I'm doing this. BUT, all of this evenings work has only confirmed why I SB. I'm telling the story and before the relatives that can help me fill in the blanks pass on, someone in this family has to get the details written down. I was so grateful for this challenge tonight. I just know Grandma is having a good giggle right now.


Angie said...

What a BEAUTILUL page, and a neat story. Writing down details are so important. I love looking back at the history of our family.

April D said...

I came here to check out pics! I thought you said you had already posted some pics from yesturday on here?