Below is the journalling you see on the front of the LO.


How to grow your own DOILIE tree!
First you will need a doilie seed. These
can be purchased through me. Each
seed will produce at least 50 doilies
per tree. The tree is guaranteed to
bloom the flowers on this page. Colors
and styles will vary depending on care
given. You must water your tree daily
for the first 14 months. After which
you will need to blow kisses at it daily
for 2 months. Some of your neighbours
will be highly charged by this new tree
in their neighbourhood, so to guard
against unwanted visitors just put up a
nice fence and sprinkle the ground with
broken glass. And finally to ensure years
of longevity from the one and only “doilie”
tree have someone Scrapbook it for all
eternity to see. LEE


Below is the journalling on the inside flap of this LO.


Origin of the “Doilie” Tree
This is a beautiful tree situated amongst
beautiful homes. The tree is directly
across from a school. When I would visit the
school, I always thought it would be
so cool to have a picture of this. For one day
it will be gone and lost forever. So here it is!
I can only imagine the type of person who put
this together. Probably tired of the “doilie look
inside her home but unable to part with family
heirlooms, what to do? A creative and colorful
way to dress-up her yard. I will go and knock on
the door to find out the real story one of these
days. ART is ART in any form. To love the beauty

of ART is to love the “Doilie” Tree.


Please leave me a comment. I plan on visiting the homeowner to find out his/her thoughts about this ARTWORK. I wonder if he/she would be surprised to find out that most of the "doilie"

trees on EBAY have a starting price of $3.00! She owns at least 60 blossoms!


April D said...

LOL, that is hilarious...I have to see this tree in person, can you tell me where to find it...that is awesome...would love to hear the story too when you hear it...bet she gets many visitors asking about her tree....maybe...tie a big ole doile round the old oak tree, it's been three long years, does he still love me? If I don't see a big ole' doile round the ole oak tree, I'll just stay on the bus and forget about us, put the blame on me!

LisaW. - 4SS Owner said...

this is really fascinating. Please let us know what you find out!

Bamm-ela said...

Love, love, love the creativity that went into "growing" this doily tree. Please commend the homeowner on making the world - or at least his/her (do we really think this is a "his" kind of project?) little corner of it - a more beautiful place, wherever that may be.
Thanks for sharing it with the world