Just when you think it can't get any better!!! Well it did! Last night at the Scrapbookers Club House their next DT team was announced. My buddy LYNN is now one of their newest DT's. WTG LYNN and I was also chosen to be their GUEST DESIGNER FOR AUGUST. I had such a good time there last night watching Lynn's reaction. OH how I prayed for her. She works really hard on the boards and is a wonderful person. And so it finally happened for her. YAHOOEY!

I also submitted a "Green" Scrappy Article that is going to be published at SBCH! That makes me soo excited. I want to do more articles and writing so this is a great start. I have a ton of articles ready to be written!

But in all of this excitement, a couple of my on-line buddies have been struggling with some personal issues. I've been working hard at sending it out to everyone to say a prayer for their well-being. Its easy to forget those around you when you're flying high. But until they are well again, they will surely have my prayers and my attention.

I went out with the family last night for supper. My SIL is heading to teach in Bolivia! We won't be seeing them for along time. I took some great photos over the weekend and had them dev'l and enlarged as a gift to her. She was so excited to receive them. That made my day yesterday, because you can't send stuff with her (weight restrictions) so what do you give as a token of your love. I was very proud of those photos. So much so that I really feel ready to up the anti and take a photography class soon.

In two days I will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary. YES you heard that right!!!! I am amazed by how quickly this time has gone by. Its gone by soooo fast I havent even figured out an anniversary present for my DH! What oh what am I going to do???????? I will let you know if I ever figure this one out! I'll be back later to post some LO's and cards, but now I need to go and spend some time with my guys..........THEY HAVE BEEN SB WIDOWS FOR TWO DAYS!!

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Juliet Diley said...

Wooohooo! I'm so excited for you! Two great announcements in one day! It is going to be an awesome 6 months working with you and all the gals at 4SS!!!