As I'm sitting here trying to get caught up on my posting, I realize that probably only half of all my work ever gets put on this blog. I am so far behind in posting. I'm gonna keep going tonight, but for me getting the photos SB'd is more important and a whole lot more fun. I have been very busy on the boards (forums) and alot is going on at Memory Makers Magazine right now as tomorrow they will make "THE CALLS" to notify the winners for the Memory Makers Masters contest. With any luck, I hope to get one of those calls.

I hope I can come back here in a couple of days and make the biggest SB announcement EVER! (for me). If you are chosen you can't let the cat out of bag until, Friday. So keep your fingers
crossed for me. I'm so excited and tired all at the same time. Its hard waiting and not knowing whats going on.......See ya soon. Hugs Back to posting. I hope you're enjoying my latest creations.

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