I guess I should let the cat out of the bag and tell you that YES, I did indeed apply for the Memory Makers Masters Contest! I've been hanging out with some wonderful gals over there the past few weeks and have sent in some lovely pieces for consideration. I don't think I stand a chance against the many wonderful SB's I'm seeing these days!!! However with each submission I send in I do feel a little closer to realizing my goal of getting published. I never realized how involved all of this is and each day I learn more and more about this industry and how it works!

My days have been so busy creating that I havent had much time to consider the "what if I get the call scenerio" - I can't even imagine how wonderful that opportunity would be???? So you know if you can send some positive thoughts my way in this regard LOL!!!


Renee said...

Good luck Lee!!! I am way too chicken.

wendy said...

Best of luck! Be proud that you even tried :)