This Halloween card was created for a challenge, but the best part of this card is its all from the dollar store. Total cost about 25 cents. But who sends a halloween card anyway???? Why????

Another challenge, we were asked to create a LO using someone else's idea for the LO. So I asked my DH and within 1 minute he had these photos in my hands. For the life of me I have NO idea where he was keeping them???? But he made this potatoe box for my mommy. It is a family heirloom. LOL and the only reason why I don't have one is because, this one will be mine someday??????

Men would only SB about Cars, their hobbies and women. Can you imagine? Gone are the days of the little black book, the "creative man" SB's his album of women???? LOLLL ROTFL hahaheheheee.......... I'm kinda glad we don't have to look at those photos all the time in peoples galleries. You could only say they look beautiful soooo many times!!!!!!!!! LOL

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Jacqueline said...

That's hilarious! I actually like the layout. I have a potato bin something like that too. :)