well its been awhile hasn't it, to catch you guys up a little, I'm hard at it. Business is at full capacity, yah!! That is going very well. Some of you know I'm taking two classes at the local college, well in the next 10 days I have 2 mid-terms, one final and one major assignment due. So I don't know when I will post again, so I'm gonna have to fill this post up good with all the news!!!

My beloved Scrappy site 4SS is winding down, not alot is happening there, makes me really sad. So I was desperate to find a new home. And the gals at Scrapbook Heaven have taken us under their wing and welcomed us with open arms. Let me tell you how good its been for my soul to have found them. Thanks everyone at SH. I've been having a really great time with all of you!!! I have also applied as a card designer there, I'm just loving the whole card thing. I didn't think I had much going on in this area, but I am enjoying the process of making cards sooo much I've almost forgotten how to do a LO. LOL

Scrapbook Heaven has had an all week crop going on, thats where I've been. Here are some of the goodies that have come from that. Hope you try some of these for yourself, they've been really challenging and hugely rewarding.

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