May DT Challenge - CMK
This is a photo of my mom the way I remember her. She has lost 45 pounds and looks incredible today, but this is how I picture her in my mind. I love her both ways, but this is my mommy!
My all time favorite LO. The new cosmo cricket paper came in handy for this LO.
I want to always remember how smooth his face is and how delicate his features.

Sketchy challenge - #13 - SBCH blog entry
"Handyman & Grandpa"

The whole idea behind this challenge @ SBCH was to create a LO with photos you wouldnt normally use, well I won't over look them anymore.

Finally the most recent birthday photo of my son. This took some planning and I struggled with this one, but I love how it turned out. SPARKLES SUCK!

The theme at the LSS was 50's 60's 70's and what a blast we had. Of course the best part of the crop were the great outfits everyone wore. This is going to be so much fun to scrap. The choc. fountain was yummy and the gift bags were incredible. Thanks Ralna for showing us a great time once again! You sure know how to throw a party (even when you're under the weather).
Well these are some of the wildest outfits I've ever seen, but these gals made them hehe, we all got a great t-shirt for dressing up.


The journaling reads: Grandma Elsie told me that she was born on leap year. Upon further investigation... I called mom. Elsie's oldest daughter to confirm her birth date. Mom told me that she didnt know Elsies birthday. I am in total shock! I said "what do you mean you don't know your own mothers special day!" Well as the story goes. Grandma didnt know her birthday either. I guess when she applied for old age security, her birth date was wrong. For her entire life she celebrated her birthday on a different day. My mother could not confirm a date, only the year Elsie was born. So for the record I want you to know that Elsie told me she was born on Feb 29, 1928. With all my love grandma!
I did this LO tonight, I phoned my mother tonight. I had to hunt down my grandma's obituary to confirm a date and guess what. NO BIRTHDATE WAS LISTED! I just can't believe out of 8 children no one knew their mothers birthday. So tomorrow I have some investigating to do. My mom did say she thought I was right about the date, but that I had better call her sisters to be sure. What a hoot! What a night!

I'm supposed to be packing for my big crop weekend and I'm doing this. BUT, all of this evenings work has only confirmed why I SB. I'm telling the story and before the relatives that can help me fill in the blanks pass on, someone in this family has to get the details written down. I was so grateful for this challenge tonight. I just know Grandma is having a good giggle right now.


LOTD - SBCH - April 22nd

This is a pic of my nephew. He's so damn cute. He's a big boy now and still so handsome. But when he was little, he was very adventurous. He's lives in the Phillipines right now. And has had so many life experiences. I have many photos of my little (big) pal. I cant wait to SB them all. Hi Nephew! I know you visit auntie once in a while, this ones for you. BIG HUGS comin your way! And when will I get some new photos of YOU????
It's only five days now until I get busy with my home girls. That's right, soon I'll be having a good ol' scrap fest with the gals at Just Scrap It. They've requested we dress in an outfit thats matches the year we were born. I thought about a couple of outfits, but I've nailed it down to one. But the line between the 60's & 70's seems a bit blurred to me. A shift dress from the 50's would be so much easier. But I'll have flair, bright colors and some funky accessories goin on. So peace out baby! I cant wait to get back and tell you all about it. Ralna puts on a great crop! Its the highlight of my year! I hope she will have the white chocolate fountain again, yummy. At the last crop I found myself hanging around that fountain quite abit. It will be great to see everyone.
Until then.....


Well I must have some horseshoes up my butt, cause I was lucky enough to win this most incredible prize package from "my home away from home" http://www.scrapbookersclubhouse.com/home.htm

It was a great week of scrappin with the gals at this site. If you havent checked it out yet what are you waiting for. It's Canadian! She has great kits and you will love the friendship of these ladies. Tell them Lee sent you. Thanks SBCH! For making my week so much fun.


Join me this week at SCH -A Canadian SB site - Many gals from right here in Saskatchewan!

Scrapbooker’s Club House Challenge Week!
Posted: 06 Apr 2008 11:26 AM CDT
Hey there all you scrappy gals! Spring’s here! Are you up for some fun the Club House?
Hmmmm…. what about a daily scrappin’ challenge???
How about SIX daily scrappin’ challenges??
How about SIX daily scrappin’ challenges with a chance to win a VERY COOL prize from SBCH at the end of the week?
Well, read on!! This is awesome!
Scrapbooker’s Club House http://www.scrapbookersclubhouse.com/home.htmis hosting a “Challenge Week,” from April 7-April 13!!
From Monday to Saturday, a new daily challenge will be posted for you on the forum. On Sunday, we’ll have a full day to wrap up the challenges everyone’s been working on.
Every challenge you complete and post in the Gallery will net you an entry into a draw for a COOL prize from Scrapbooker’s Club House! So, feel free to pop in and participate in the challenges on our friendly Forum. Remember: not only will you be creating, you’ll be entered in our fun end-of-week draw EVERY TIME you complete a challenge. (Remember to keep your Gallery images no larger than 1024 KB, please.) The prize draw will be made on Monday April 14th.
Just c’mon over and look for the “Challenge Week” section on the forum.Join our friendly bunch of scrappers in celebrating Challenge Week.
Bring a friend if you like! We’d love to meet you!


If you havent been to 4 Scrappy Sisters lately, what are you waiting for. I just received my kit and it was spectacular! It was a GREAT value and I received it within a week!
The gals in this forum are awesome fun to hang out with and they offer tons of activities!
The Layout below was inspired by 4SS weekly challenge.
Tell them Lee sent you!
Weekly Challenge Winner @ 4SS for this submission!

Biography – SUZEE
It was probably a fall day. My father was out running errands, when he returned he brought with him a gift I would cherish forever. Not just any gift but a friendship that would endure provinces, states, countries, flooding, a fire, hundreds of moves and ONE BROTHER!
Oh the joy I must have felt at that moment. A sure squeal of excitement, that my dad hadn’t wrap this gift in a brown paper Woolco bag.
I was only three at the time I received Suzee. This treasure has never had a gender. It’s always been a he/she. Don’t ask me why, just look at it. For years this token of love came with me everywhere. We traveled to Washington one year for the Worlds Fair. What a wonderful trip this was for my family, but not so much for Suzee. You see we had left the campground and drove about 300 miles. That’s when I discovered Suzee was no longer with us. As you can well imagine, there wasn’t much discussion in the LOOOONNG ride back to the campsite to retrieve SUZEE. I gleefully picked her up off the picnic table and we proceeded on our way.
My father tells me that Suzee was bought with a full tank of gas! A gift from the Shell service station. He must have died and gone to heaven, thinking to himself, a full tank of gas and an ugly monkey for my daughter. Wow those were the days, when they handed out gifts like that.
Now many years have passed and many changes have taken place in Suzee’s life. But one more outstanding moment came at the hands of my brother. A creative soul, so he thought, decided it would be fun to color marker all over Suzee’s face. Funny right! NOT! Poor Suzee cried for days. I managed to remove most of the graffiti. But to this day she has scars of that moment. She can’t even be in the same room as my brother. And can you blame her!
Suzee now has a special place in my bedroom, but she will always have a special place in my heart. This is truly the only item I’ve managed to hang on to all of these years. And for good reason, what person could resist a smile like that!
My DH helped out with the photos that we took of Suzee. You just have to love a family that allows you to be as silly as you want. This really is my favorite childhood toy and my guys allow me to enjoy that.
Suzee will celebrate her 40th birthday this year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TREASURED FRIEND!
Acohol inked background, glitter, hand sewn leaves, mod podge, trim-pinkpaislee.
I distressed the paper quite a bit on this LO, I love the end result, it looks really brushed in the background. TFL