Hot Wax - Distressed Tag Tutorial

Hot Wax - Distressed Tag Tutorial
I've included a video on how to do this, just to show you how easy it is. I hope you'll give it a try.

What your aim is, is to have little white dots show thru, this would make a great "snow" tag done in blue tones.

 Supplies: candle, distress inks, stamps, match, inker, kleenix, straw, scratch stick!

Step 1 - melt drops of wax onto your "GLOSSY" PAPER! Leave these wax blobs in place until
Step 2 - drop ink onto the glossy paper and spread the ink out by blowing it through a straw.
Step 3 - ink your paper edges
Step 4 - Remove your wax, careful you don't want to scratch the paper up!! Give the tag a good wipe with the kleenix to remove the excess wax.
Step 5 - stamp desired images onto the tag and decorate.

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