I just received this from Courtney WHO by the way is an amazing scrapper, check her out here: http://kiltonkeepsakes.blogspot.com/
Here are the rules:
Pass on the award to 5 people, post a comment on there blog to let them know they have an award, then answer these questions with only one word answers!!
1.Where is your cellphone? Purse
2.Your hair? Still brown, LOL
3.Your mother? Bright RED
4.Your father? Cowboy
5.Your favourite food? sushi
6.Your dream last night? Can't remember
7.Your dream/goal? Own a BIG house with a designer scrap room.
8.Your favourite drink? COKE - but I'm doing alot more tea now.
9.What room are you in? office
10.Your hobby? 2 many to list
11.your fear? Becoming a bag lady, without a bag! LOL
12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Debt free!
13.Where were you last night? Out with my girlfriends
14.Something that you aren't? Bored!
15.Muffins? Yes please.
16.Wishlist item? new mini van
17.Where did you grow up? North America!! all over!!
18.Last thing you did? talked to mechanic
19.What are you wearing? sweats
20.Your TV? Needs to be MUCh BIGGER!!
21.Your pet's? none
22.Friend's? Thank goodness for them!!
23.Your life? Blessed
24.Your mood? always Happy inside!!
25.Missing someone? My grandma.
26.Vehicle? A KIA would be nice!!
27.Something you're not wearing? wedding rings, never where them, but only because they make my fingers red and itchy. I'm allergic to expensive jewellery.
28.Your favourite store? SCRAPBOOK HEAVEN
29.Your favourite colour? Rose
30.When was the last time you laughed? Today
31.Last time you cried? Been along time!! A movie I watched about 4 months ago.
32.Your best friend? ME!
33.One place you go to over and over? Paradise island with a hot beach and sunscreen (in my mind) hot men, great music, food everywhere, oh I think I might visit there today.
34.Facebook? Yes
35.Favourite place to eat? HOME
So to help make someone else's day a happy one.....My 5 favorites are:
These gals really inspire me - guide me - share with me - teach me!
Without them my world would not be as colorful, bright or enyoyable!! Thanks for that!!

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