3DTransparency Flowers - REALLY

This is an amazing little discovery I'm hoping you will try.

stazon ink
stamp image
2 flower shapes, one smaller, one larger
piercing tool (long pin)
heat gun

1. Trace your two flowers onto a piece of transparency.

2. Cut the flowers out. Rounded edge flowers work the best.

3. Stamp an image onto the flowers.

4. Pierce the center of a flower and hold it on the pin.

5. Heat the center of the flower until it bends/contorts. Do not melt your flower. Slow and steady.

6. Remove it from the pin and do your second flower in the same way.

7. Join the two flowers with a brad.

To see this on video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOGzdmvBsOA
Here are my examples:

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