Pouch Tutorial

The meaning of a true friend is someone who gives you chocolate, am I right??? So I've created a special way to give all my friends a special treat packaged in a unique way. I hope you like it! I know this isn't quite a card, but it does fit in a 4X6 envelope!!

I call these the CANDY GRAMS!



1. Take any piece of 12X12 scalloped paper and divide it into four equal parts. Cut the four pieces and set three aside.
2. Fold your 1/4 piece in half and then in half again.
3. Adhere the two back pieces together. You have now formed your candy gram case.
4. Cut a piece of coordinating cardstock for the backing, each scalloped paper will be different. I laid my candy gram on the card stock and traced around it, leaving about a 1/4 inch all away around and cut it out.
5. Attach ribbon to your candy gram before adhering this piece to your cardstock backing.
6. Embellish, add a chocolate bar and give it away today, then go ahead and make 3 more!!

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