"The Bosun Makes Good"

Arrrgghh Matey, like any good sea adventure this tale will twist and turn your very innards like no other, wrought with fear, the fight and the plank!!

It was a calm evening on the high seas, a warm westurdly wind was rumbling in. You could smell the ocean breeze take on a slight aromatic twang of some salty old crew of days gone by. As I buckled down the hatch and put my first mate on deck, I knew deep inside that the hollows would be rocking this boat tonight. As the wee hours crept upon us, it was a barrage of tossing and turning, like we might be in the Indian Ocean one moment or the Arctic the next. One couldn't tell by the momentum that was building, which sea we'd be on by morning. But what was to happen next goes down in this captains journal as one of the toughest voyages of this crews nautical miles. My first mate wraps on my door with a loud and obnoxious tap tap tap, but before I knew it, the door swung open, he'd been taken over by the unknown, his face pure white, his breath shallow, barely able to stand he runs for the head. I follow quickly behind, although my peg leg is only meeting the stair case with half the momentum it normally has. I question myself, has the evil of the sea come upon us, what has happened above deck. I run to take the wheel, as our ship is being over taken by some force. Suddenly I feel my old bones start to creak, my limbs are stiff, I no longer have control of this ship. I glance over to my first mate, he's already in a state of anxiousness as I can see his one eye squinting in agony, I have to get to him. I struggle to find my footing, I bravely go forward with a hook of my cane around the wood banisters, I'm able to secure myself. Out of nowhere the grip of this evil begins its hold on me and my crew of two. Like a blow dart to my ass I can sense my functions start to shut down, my first mate still in my vision holds out his hand and gives me the secret code for "to the grave" I motion a quick response of support "not alone". As the evening turned into a heat filled sauna of heavy air, the haze of our captors starts to show its ugly head, aaahh, I only catch a glimpse before fading back into a realm of this fiery hell I've come to know. I'm guessing a full day has passed, me and my mate are pulled upward and jostled onto the plank, I can feel the wood beneath me creak and shake from my first mates obvious struggle. I shake off my captors and mouth the words every good captain would mouth in the moment of facing death. "yo momma".

My last moments so it would seem are taken over with sweat, pain from the bondage and the anguish of knowing I just lost the best matey this captains ever had. But wait whats that I hear?? off in the near distance I hear a swish and swash of the sword cutting thru the air of evil, all things go still, the movement of the boat stops abruptly. "Ahoy Captain", my young bosun says to me "Ahoy", I reply. "Are you back with us sir" he says, "ey" I reply, in a quivering tone. The moment of evil has past, the young lad had helped us fight off our captors, the force of the sea has been won this time around. Captains Log - 11-22 -10 - 11-25-10
Lee Brehon

Except from a tired mom's journal, - the flu is upon us - go bravely matey's, train your bosun well
- first mate - my dear husband
- bosun - my dear son

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