Dream house update

I posted Dec. 2008 about this house out in the country that I am so in love with. It had been vacated and fastly falling into disrepair. I drove by it often and would cry because I didn't have the means to rescue this majestic beauty in the country.

This past thanksgiving while driving to the farm we passed "my" house again. Only this time something was different, very different. To my total surprise and excitement it appears as though someone has been renovating this home! I was in tears with happiness, if it couldn't be mine, I am happy to see it will be someone's family home once again. I will post an update on the reno's as I can get them.
Isn't it a wonderful story - imagine the memories another family will be building once they live in this home. Wishing them well with their reno's.
Do you see the scrapbooking room in the back porch?? I do!! LOL

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Kate said...

I recognize this! Where is it? I have such a thing for old houses. GORGEOUS!!!