I said I would be more diligent here........SO

Yesterday I walked to the school to pick up my DS. Upon my return to the house I can see in the distance some flashing amber lights right beside my house. Well my long distance vision isn't great so I kinda start a little quicker pace to see whats going on. I can't see my employee's car parked where it usually is and I've only been away for about 15 mins. I have two kids in tow and I'm worried because I have more kids at home with my asst. As we get a little closer I can now see a cherry picker beside my house, but I knew the kids were outside in the yard. I start to feel anxious, oh no, what if a tree limb has fallen - where are my kids.
I rush into the yard. NO kids anywhere, I run into the house, whew, everyone playing nicely, but some unhappy faces greet me. Why can't we go outside today? I'm asked. Well the city has come to clear away the debris and dead branches from our trees (the cities trees actually). Finally they were here to get the job done. I'd called the city about these tree's in the early spring. So now all my tree's are trimmed back, the heavy snow and gusting winds won't be causing any problems for my home this winter. RELIEF!! Some of these branches were dangerously close to my chimney stack. Now the city tells me I must clear the pathway of the remaining overhang of trees that belong to me. mmmmmm, chainsaw baby!! I like the sound of that, mere cutters are not going to do the job. So this weekend guess what I'll be doing? I'm praying my Sat. blog post won't be discussing my trip to the hospital due to a chainsaw accident. Stay tuned! Living on a corner lot has its benefits and drawbacks, living in an older est. neighbourhood with massive older trees offers beauty and shade but the drawbacks to these trees equals 46 bags of leaves each fall, mulitple trips to the dump each year and constant upkeep. Now if you can handle all that, then the shade and the birds and the yard decor that these trees offer is worth every bag, every trip and every call to the city. LOL

Our home the first year we bought it May 1997 - MAJOR changes have taken place in the past 18 months and I will be showing you the updated photo's of our home in the spring once our front deck is added. However as you can see lots of trees line our yard. And this is just a pic of the front yard.

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