The Show Must Go ON!

Part Two:

Ever wonder what happens ahead of time to create a live show?? It has alot to do with planning and prepartation. As most Live shows only run an hour, it is important to try and keep things moving along so that the guests don't lose interest. Its also pretty important to make sure the content of the show offers a "range" of interest for both the newbie and experienced craftsman watching your show. One also has to keep in mind that these shows will be watched over and over again. How does one achieve all this?? Good question!

I always begin by creating an example of the project I will show live. I usually make these projects weeks or even months ahead of time. I never wait until the last minute and throw something together. Probably the worst thing you can do. I "time" myself and take still photo's of  the project I'll be working on ahead of time. I almost always make tutorials of these projects to post on forums or blogs the day after the airing of the show. I take lots of photo's so I can edit which photo's don't make the cut for the final airing. Once the project is made and photo's taken. I set this project aside and think on it for awhile. I ask myself the usual questions about the project. Is it easy to make, will others find it fun and interesting to make themselves, IS IT USEFUL? Do I need to tweek the final project, can I add or remove any elements to the final project to save time? Once I've answered all these questions. I start my prep work for the show.

If you're like me, I almost always have to clean off my work area first. I make sure there are no distractions around my work space that will be visible on air. Not the easiest thing to achieve. I had a curtain back drop on one of the first shows, but have since removed it. Not a good idea, I will be adding a back drop to my future shows. Or in a perfect world I will create a "live show studio" that has been set-up just for this purpose. Next I start to cut out all the items that will be needed for the project. I try to follow a step by step process of the show. I rarely show myself cutting out items live, as this process just takes too long and is very boring to watch. Once all my items are laid out for the project, I add all my embellies to the project, but adhere nothing. I just get the idea of placement for them and then set them aside in a "master tray" that I keep on my desk. You don't want to be searching for anything live! I always write notes of the steps I used to create a project. I keep these notes beside me during the show. But the best thing to do is to print off photo's of the project and paste them up above your work area, I do this with more complicated projects. Its a nice quick reference for you to look at during the show.

Time to set-up:

Putting it all together for show time takes a little planning as well. I set-up my work station first and "center" where I will be working. I set up the cameras and do a camera test. Lighting, check, sound, check, seating, check, phone unplugged, check, cords plugged in (heat gun etc.) check. Things are lookin good. Now some of these sites (linqto) offer you the ability to upload still photo's on the show, so at this point I will go ahead and upload my already edited photo's of my project to the live show site. Looks like I'm all ready for the show....or am I?? not quite yet. Only a few more things to do - get myself ready, inform my family I'm going live, get my tea and then announce the show will be starting shortly to the fan sites. Finally the moment has arrived. Its time to go LIVE! Now if I've done all the steps, planning and preparation, I should have a good  show, right? Wrong! Not all shows will go as smoothly as you hope. When you're busy creating LIVE it's not easy to read the guests comments or questions, so its best to have a moderator along for the ride to answer any of the guests questions. I always try to prep my moderator the day before or the day of the show as to what will happen during the show. A very good idea when you are going LIVE. Things to discuss with your moderator will include products being used, the steps you will take, any guests that will be on with you etc. Your moderator is an important person to the outcome of the show, often leading questions for the guests, warming up the audience and trouble shooting when things go wrong.....and they will. So if you can, always use a moderator.

Its show time: Here's where you can stumble easily, have your notes handy as to tell the guests what to expect, guests who will be on with you and any products you will be using. Remember at this point to push the "record" button on your site. Also remember that some of your guests will be NEW to this sort of forum, so explain the functions of your LIVE site at this point. Start your show - keep things at a reasonable pace. You can't go to quickly as things distort on the screen (internet lag time) and you just don't get the visual clarity you require when you "MOVE" to quickly. Now I've watched alot of shows. And not all shows are created equal, no problem, I'm only outlining how I do a show. Everybody does their show slightly different. The point is to have fun, share your passion and be genuine. If you enjoy sharing your work, then this is an awesome arena in which to do so. I find that in time, each show gets a little better and little more fined tuned and becomes easier to produce. But you'll never know unless you try it!! Are you ready to give it a go??

I hope that you've enjoyed this inside peek into the production of doing a LIVE show. And I hope I will be watching YOUR show soon!

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