Time Well Spent

For the past couple of weeks I've taken the time to access my computer's needs and organize my photo/video systems. My photo's were in order, but not all of the photo's were resized or light corrected. The video's on the other hand were out of control because of the mulitple video editing programs that I'm running. Therefore some changes needed to take place. I also have been running a system that is about 7yrs old and out of date to fully install newer programs that are running on Windows 7.  So after much debate and alot of cleaning up. I have made the decision to buy a new computer system. I am lucky enough to have a fellow who does all my computer work for me that I trust and has assured me that he will build me the system of my needs. I've never even heard of a dedicated photo processor before, have you?

I'm sure he takes a big breath before entering my scrapbooking room. I can't imagine what he truely thinks of the tool shelving, ribbon trolleys, container after container of all the yumminess my room contains. But Thank goodness he doesn't think outloud. LOL. I'm guessing here, but I have a feeling this computer geek has a house full of components and parts to all kinds of computers.

The long and the short of this story is this. I didn't want a system failure and end up with NO family photo's.  I wanted to be able to upload and find my photo's quickly and easily. And I wanted to get all of my video's converted into DVD's. Which is something I'm still working on. Now this would be an easy task, if my DS wasn't making a new video every other hour of the day. But he's found his passion, so I'm rolling with the build up of bites in my system to accomadate his visual creativity.  I have to say, I think my DS has a knack for seeing things in an artistic way and I'm very happy that he enjoys this hobby. Its kinda funny, sometimes I'll hear some yelling going on and go running to investigate only to discover that batman has beat the JOKER for the 100th time that week. LOL

I am looking forward to my new computer, but I've been told that it may also require a new printer as well. The new system won't likely be able to read the older systems software. I hope I haven't opened a can of worms here, but it was gonna happen at some time and since I enjoy working on the computer so much, sooner is better in this case. Hope I'll be able to transfer my programs over without too many issues. Fingers crossed.

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