A Very Exciting Day!

I will start off by saying Congratulations to all 24 of the gals that made the cut in the Teresa Collins DT Call. I feel really honored to be apart of this moment with all of you. And a HUGE thanks to Teresa Collins and her team for including me in with this talented group of ladies.

I'll tell you at the end of yesterday I was convinced I hadn't made the cut and threw myself into some computer work and scrappy endeavors. So tired last night that I fell asleep early, only to awake at 3am. I woke up, posted a blurb about it on FB and fell back asleep. Now this wouldn't be all that unusual for me, except that the DT short list was posted at 1am Utah time, which would have been 3am my time. Weird or what?? Where my ears ringing, nope, but I can't quite explain it either.

Whats more unusual was I never mentioned anything about the call to anyone yesterday, just quietly went about my day. But first thing this morning, my DH said "have you heard anything about the call?" NOPE I replied. So it was a delight to be able to call him at work and share my news today. He was so kind and mentioned how sad the other gals would be feeling who didn't make the cut. I understand that feeling and can tell you that today renewed my heart from the inside out. Gave me a little hope that I'm still on the right track with all that I'm doing. I love my world of scrapbooking so much, but after this many years you learn that its the people you meet and the friends you make along the way that make it all worth while. Or at the very least having the knowledge that there are women out there as crazy as I am about this hobby!

Anyhoo, I felt I should post something about this amazing day, as I don't want to forget it anytime soon. You can read all about it here: http://www.teresacollins.typepad.com/

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Stacy said...

Lee congrats on making it as a finalist. I love everything you wrote and totally agree....my favorite part about scrapping is all of the wonderful and talented people I meet along the way. Best of luck on the DT.