Scrapbookers In History!

It would only make sense that these ladies became avid scrapbookers, after all, these ladies travelled the universe, had many friends and stories to tell.
Did you know that Wilma Flintstone made a "wedding" scrapbook? Its true I saw it with my own eyes. This led me to want to know who else was an avid scrapbooker and here are a few other crafty ladies of our era.

A couple of interesting photo's out of Marges scrapbook.
Do you think Marge might scrapbook too much?? ROTFL

Princess Leia - Bless her heart was one of the original trend setters when it came to backing up her photo's. Thanks PL for leading the way.

Lois Lane - Afterall it was a logical transition for her to make! From the news room to the scraproom. She did spend alot of time alone!

Minnie Mouse - aaahhh, I'm pretty sure that Minnie was one of the first to use her own embellishments. She always did favor those bows and bright colors. Love her work! Minnie's pencil techniques are still widely used today.
And last but not least  - these two digital designers have emerged, proving that there is NO end to the dimensions and designs that we can look forward to in the future.


jonaks said...

oh, these are really cute!!! loved this cartoons so much!

Tobey said...

I knew that Wilma had to be a scrapbooker...what about Jane and Judy Jetson???