We left sunny California two weeks ago and although it rained for half of the time we were there, it was still as beautiful as you'd expect it to be. Full of color, a laid-back attitude and culture at every turn. Coming home has meant a lack of vitamin D, a hoard of unskilled drivers to deal with and a cultural imbalance second to none! Whats a gal supposed to do with all this free time on her hands after the work day is done??? Well scrapbook of course - so here is the first layouts of the 1500 photo's taken on our trip. I started scrapping the happiest place on earth first as I truely had a magical time while I was in So Cal - so much so that I'm already planning my next visit.

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Karen L said...

Wow Lee....you've been busy scrapping all right!! Love what I see so far...but my favorite is the last one...the 2 page layout of my favorite mouse and goofy!
My parents lived near Disneyland and we would hear the fireworks every night!