31 Days to Clean

Many of you know I have been making alot of changes to my home, health and creative endeavors and felt it necessary to take a small break from my day to day on-line activities earlier this year. I have discovered in my 3 month hiatus that many things can be accomplished when you're not solely focused on the well being a scrapbooking site and all its trappings.

I don't feel like I've really taken a break from "busy" in all my time off. I had the good fortune to do some travelling by myself and with my family in Jan. and Feb.. These trips seemed to rejuvenate me in ways I can't describe. Since returning home I have quit smoking and stayed quit for 3 months now, took up zumba (again) and have been hard at that twice a week for 3 months and we started home reno's once again.  What all this has meant to me is a renewal of my soul - a refreshing change from the everyday. I have taken on a better attitude, a healthier lifestyle and in general have started to take stock of my life, its contents and the inferences upon it.

Have I learned anything, well not too much, except I built up alot of clutter in my home in the years its taken me to get to this point. giggle. I have NO regrets, but I will honestly tell you that I don't need 1/2 of all the items in my dresser and I'm darn sure I won't wear many of the coats hanging in the closet ever again either. But why oh why does one hang onto this stuff, do we really feel so incomplete without it???? Do I really have to be so fashion forward to have things in mulitple colors?? REALLY

So to answer my aching desire to streamline my clutter I have decided to take the 31 day challenge starting May 1st. I obviously can't seem to do this on my own, yet I pride myself on my organizing and cleaning skills, so why am I having such a struggle with it all??  I'm really hoping I will find some more tools to work with as the challenge unfolds. And hopefully, hopefully I will be able to live a life that I find more desirable - "LESS IS MORE" is going to be my new motto - I will overcome my shortcomings when it comes to keeping my home more tidy, clean and simple!


More to come as this challenge unfolds - I sure hope at the end of all this that I will survive this challenge, will see results for my hard work and hopefully have a clean home in the process.

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