Halloween Creations

BOO! I've created a few projects that I hope you will find fun, interesting and inspiring, some of these projects were very easy to make  - while others have taken much more time than I thought to put together as you will see.

First off - My husband made these wooden goblets when he was kid, well they sat in a box for years and years and were about to be thrown out, so I rescued them and decided to upcycle them the best I could. Here's how they turned out.........

Alot of Tim Holtz going on here, LOL

Good Pumpkin - Bad Pumpkin Rub-ons

Secondly - I was inspired by an inspiration sheet available at Value Village to make these amazing plates - so I used my favorite image from  http://jackandcatcurio.blogspot.com/ cut out the images, glued them onto the plates and presto some additional halloween decor for get this UNDER $1.00 per plate to make!

My home is starting to look very spooky!


Tobey said...

cute things you have here!!!! so creative.....love the blood around the edge of the last plate!! very spooky indeed!!!

MrS. E said...

Love those goblets!! I think it's awesome how you rescued them!