Hardware How-To RECAP

Wednesday nights show was full of some very useful tools and products that will come in handy with some of you future projects. Here is a recap of some of those items - but to see the entire show from start to finish - click here - http://www.linqto.com/PlaybackRoom.aspx?roomname=createalways&name=SingleExplicit_2011_11_09_19_01_34_431

First up I showed you how to use a rivet gun - don't be afraid ladies to give this a try....I can see this item becoming a full time part of your everyday scrapbooking.

Below we discussed being able to use the rivet gun to hang heavy items on a wall, of course you will still need to use some sort of a string to hang it.

 Picture 1 - Front of work (finished)

Picture 2 - Back of work - finished

front cover before it was covered with paper

Did you know that the hardware store sells these dohickies and are great for putting mini albums together. They come in various sizes, are lighter and cheaper than the leading scrapbooking brand.

 We discussed the benefits of metal pipe tape (sticky backed) costs about $11.00 for a huge roll. Ink it, fold it, bend it.........

We found some items that would come in handy, like the #4 screws that added some length to the Tim Holtz knobs. Metal caps for embellishing and clamps to help us hold things together while gluing.

Lastly we discovered a giant size grommet setting - perfect for canvas projects!

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