Scarf for Terri!

One cool day back in January 2011,  my friend Terri and I were browsing a little clothing shop on a curvy litte street in Rockport Mass. All of a sudden I heard a slight gasp out of Terri's mouth - she had seen a scarf she wanted to buy - sadly I couldn't let her do that as the yarn was too itchy the price too high and the colors were all wrong! Lucky Terri has a friend like me to help her save money, look pretty and feel soft and warm all at the same time. I told her I would make her a scarf just like the one she had in her hands and low and behold only 8 months lady she is now wearing this around her neck - I hope this will live up to her gasp! Stay warm my friend! And thanks to my model Elysia for letting me use her neck to take this photo!

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