Wondering what I"m up 2 - Me 2 - LOL


As you can see I've been doing some housekeeping around my blog and I've got to say......I'm thrilled with the way its turning out. Simple but effective. I really wanted to have a place to bring it ALL to you!


I'm not sure if this gallery format is the one I'll keep, but for right now it is doing exactly what I need it to do - what do you think of linky liniks to my projects.....isn't that awesome. Now you can find your favorite project easily, well actually with the touch of a picture. Now EACH theme has its very own spot, no more wondering around looking for something - find its easily now.


Many of you know I love doing tutorials - well now I've got them all in ONE place as well. I look forward to bringing you a ton of new tutorials in the near future. In fact all the pictures have been taken and all the tutorials are done and ready for uploading.....so this is a blog you will want to visit often.


The newest feature to my blog that has me the most excited,  is my "store". Here you will find many fun items for yourself, home, family or hobbies. I hope to post many of the little treasures I've been hanging onto and other items that just have to go. But be assured that anything I post in my store will be in excellent shape and delivered to you with a care and in a timely manner.

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that in the near future I will be releasing my very own printable designs right here. There are some really fun and amazing images coming your way. And remember to check the "freebie" section from time to time as I will post some exclusive images there as well.


Now what would a blog be without some fun freebies to get your inspiration going?? I won't forget to put some interesting printables and ideas under this tab either!!!!

Grey Matter

You may not have noticed the grey bar along the bottom of your screen.....I bet you did....cause you're smart like that! Well here you can watch ALL of my youtube video's, chat live with me, tweet, fb and otherwise announce things to the world from the grey bar. But what is the most exciting about the grey matter.....the pop up announcement box. This box will tell you all you need to know at a glance about what I'm doing. I hope this helps you stay in the know....no more grey matter for you!!


 All this and so much more.......more giveaways, live shows and projects are coming your way - its really going to be a mixed bag of creations - from crochet to cooking, tools to toys I have plans to just put it all out there for you my followers. Of course all that I ask in return is that you link back to this blog and share this site with your friends and family. 

Now is my time to share and give back to this great community of creative individuals. A community that have been with me thru this journey of creativity for along time. Thanks friends and family for being here for me!!

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