What do Resin and Molds have in common???

I'm one of the Amazing Mold Putty(s)
Newest Design Team Members!!
Now this is a design team that has my creative juices flowing. I love working with different mediums and seeing how far I can push the envelope with each product. But what I love the most about the Amazing Mold Putty products are the way they make me feel when I complete a project, its like I'm a magician. Yes the results of molding, pouring and unmolding an item is part of the fun, but seeing the dimension, the colors and embellies that can be added to these products really makes the piece come alive in its own unique way. Each piece "can" be the same, but most likely you'll want to make each piece as unique as you are. And that is what makes AMP products so versitile for so many artists and craftsmen alike.

Would you like to see a piece that I've made using these products???? Now I've come along way since I made this necklace, but I must say, I'm still very happy with the results and the color. What I really want to show you here is that you will have the ability to tint your resin, use nearly any kind of mold and make some really cool pieces while your at it.

In the months to come, I am going to share lots and lots of items I've made using the molds and the resins, I will help you learn how to use these products with ease....so that YOU 2 can create fun pieces you can use in your scrapbooking, cards, art, garden and home projects etc. I have HUGE plans for these products, so I sure hope you will join me as I take you through the process of making these fun projects step by step.

I would like to thank Terri Sproul
the entire Amazing Mold Putty Design Team http://amazingmoldputty.blogspot.ca/ 
for allowing me the opportunity to work and create with such a talented group of ladies. I feel very lucky to be apart of this awesome group!

I've got some amazing projects already completed and ready to go....lets get started!

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