I know many of you enjoy making these fun trading cards and I am no exception. So when I came up with this little gem of an idea, I couldn't think of a better way of using this mold. Here's what I did to make this little lady.
First of all gather your supplies.

You'll need Amazing Mold Putty found here

Combine parts A & B to form one ball of silicone.
You need to work pretty quickly with this product, so have you're desired supplies ready.

When your ball is ONE SOLID color, press your desired piece into the mold like I did below.
For this example I used a thimble. SO CUTE!

I then used the casting resin and poured the lady figure.

Again, mix equal parts of the resin. Stir until clear.

Combine these two equal parts of resin and pour into mold. Let set up for about 10 mins.

When the lady was set-up, I removed it from the mold, sanded off the rough edges and colored with my copic markers.

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