Blooper Fun!!

OK so who among us gets it right all the time? I sure don't and lots of times I just skip to the next video without much thought of the video I just deleted, but this blunder was way too funny not to share. All I can say is "no companies were harmed in the making of this video" and seriously the product I"m trying to share with you......MAGICALS from Lindy's Stamp Gang - sold thru www.scrapnwithflair.com  is worthy of your consideration, even if I don't know what I'm talking about and was too blind to figure it out, LOL.

Here is what I ultimately made with the items created in the video and the best part of making these litttle tags is:

1. Sparkle will always be a girls best friend (at any age, don't you think?)
2. Google images are plentiful if you don't have alot of stamps
3. Little drying time, means these tags didn't take all day, just a few minutes for each tag.
4. they are beautiful beautiful beautiful - a small investment in product for alot of uses!!
5. Paper isn't your only option here, why not try the magicals on canvas, wood, cork, cotton, ribbon, buttons......
I enjoyed using the magicals so much, that I'm running to the store to buy more asap. Not kidding!!
Here's the link - RACE YOU THERE - http://www.scrapnwithflair.com/product.php?pcategory=209&category=212

here we go......get ready - set - laugh

If you're still with me.....here is the real video - TFWaiting, watching.


Tami said...

Your blooper real is too funny!!! Loved it!!! Loved the real video as well!!

MrS. E said...

We all have those brain stammers... most of us don't have the guts to show it off though, LOL!
Great showing off of those Magicals!
Thanks for the great show and tell.