Bunnies VS Baskets

Oh the fun I've been whipping up in my craft room.....
Using this product from http://www.alumilite.com/ProdDetail.cfm?Category=Support Products&Name=Amazing Casting Resin Kit
I created three ways you can create some fun Easter projects that you can make tonight!!

 Gather your supplies - you will need the product above and a favorite mold.
I used an silicone easter mold from Wilton.

 Mix EQUAL parts of Resin A and B in containers until clear (only a minute or so)
Pour resin into your chosen mold. Allow to set up (about 10 minutes) the mold will become warm while its curring, thats normal.

Remove your molds and decorate and embellish!
How SIMPLE is that??

I took one mold and created three ways to use it. Not to mention now I have a matching
silicone mold to use for baking some yummy goodies with. Your mold will come out clean and clear.
Just wash it and your ready to use it for baking. NO residual bi-product is left.
Each piece was adorned with the amazing Terri Sproul Mixers found here

For the kids, I made this fun TIC TAC TOE board - perfect for passing the time while the the turkey is cookin!!

To decorate my easter table, I used the same molds to create a beautiful centerpiece. I simple drilled a hole in the bottom of the bunny and the basket and insert a wooden skewer.

To add a little pizazz to my outfit I glued pin clips to the back of the bunny and basket using

Seriously, YOU CAN achieve beautiful results like these each and every time.
Imagine what you can make!!

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