A New First for ME!

You just can't even believe the incredible week I had.

First things first - I really want to say thank you to Leanne owner of www.scrapnwithflair.com for bringing back our Design Team for another term. It goes without saying that my co-enablers Tamara, Donna, Leanne and Elysia are very inspiring and talented scrapbookers and alot of fun to hang out with.

Its really different for me to be so "local" with a Design Team, because I've been such an on-line scrapper for so long. Its just a nice twist to be able to hang out with these gals and learn from them in person, its alot more personal and I'm enjoying the experience alot.

Now, I did get an opportunity to teach a class at a local fundraising crop a week ago, but let me just say that I think my skills are rusty in the teaching dept in person, LOL. I feel a whole lot more comfortable in front of that camera, funny how that happens!! I never thought I'd say that. A video was made of this teaching moment, but I think I'll just leave this one on the cutting room floor. giggle
The big news at www.scrapnwithflair.com is the DT call, here is the info:  You still have lots of time to get your applications in. This is a fun opportunity and a great company to work for! Apply today!

The April Scrap N With Flair Kit is on my table and in various stages of being made into interesting creations - I'd show them ALL to you right now, but I'm supposed to tease you guys.......I think I can do that!!!

Also don't forget about our monthly swap, we are sending and receiving tons of cool stuff. Each swap is posted on the Scrap N With Flair Blog.


I made the http://amazingmoldputty.blogspot.ca/ Design Team - Which means I made two Design Teams in the same week, thats never happened to me before and I was surprised because my term was up at Scrap N With Flair.

Now you might say to yourself or even outloud, WTH, how did she score that?..........I know right, I thought that 2! But we're only given what we can handle and I feel that I'm really ready to spread my wings further than I ever have. Being on a manufactoring team is a whole new ball of resin, sort of speak. A call I jumped at, as I've been working and enjoying their products for at least a year...maybe longer.

So there's no doubt that this is going to be a busy term ahead. Am I ready, blazin baby, I'm so ready to ignite that scrappy spark and really get things heatin up around here. So to kick things off, I want to share a couple of cards I made today. The first card I made was made purely by mishap and one of my favorite cards of all time. I've already thanked my son and apolized for yelling at him when he scared me and I spilled the ink all over the layout that this first card once was.

Assemble your supplies - Parts A and B Resin (quick dry, white), molds, mixing cups, stir stick

Mix equal parts of A & B

Mix A & B together until clear about 1 minute
Pour the Resin into your molds and let it dry. Release from molds when dry (less than 10 minutes in a warm room) and embellish.

The picture below - is a little left over resin that I poured on a mat and let dry.
Once it was dry, I stamped it with stazon ink - pictured in the top right corner by the flowers.

 I poured a heart out of resin, pictured below the flowers (above card). It makes a perfect embellishment for my cards. I painted the heart and embellished the flowers on the background papers with 3D Crystal Lacquer from Terri Sproul @ http://www.vlvstamps.com/terri-sproul-s-mixers-1.html?p=6 

Below is a sweet baby card - again embellished with a teddy bear out of Resin that I poured into the molds above.

Please note that these first two examples of using resin are extremely simple in producing, but with each step and tutorial, I will be working you up to some fantastic and challenging ways you can make
http://amazingmoldputty.com/  products work for you and your projects!
I have so much more to share with you in the next two weeks, hope you will visit often. TFL 

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rachel whetzel said...

YAY!! A fellow scrapbooker!! It's been for EVER since I've actually created a scrap page... but I'm really excited to see what you create with this stuff!! Also, I'm super excited to be on the team with you!!