Creative EdVentures 2nd Annual National Scrapbook Day Cropathon Countdown: 3 Days to Go!


Some basic information for newbies: The cropathon runs from 10 am to 8 pm Eastern (9 to 7 Central, 8 to 6 Mountain, 7 to 5 Pacific). You can come for all or part of it as your schedule allows. To attend, all you need to do is click on this link at the time you wish to join in: http://www.linqto.com/rooms/creativeedventures.

You don’t have to sign up for anything – simply type your name in when prompted! I realize that many people aren’t comfortable with using their last names in the chatroom so a first name with first initial of your last name will be fine – we do need to be able to identify you in case you win one of the many prizes!

The program will ask if you want to allow or deny your webcam/microphone: please know that even if you click “allow”, we will NOT be able to hear or see you unless you take an additional step once in the show and that would only be if you wanted to come on camera to show us what you’re making during the crop! If you decide you do want to share, just let me know by typing in the chat box during the show and I’ll let you know how to do so.

If you’d prefer, you can also join us through Facebook. To do that, you must go to http://apps.facebook.com/creativeedventures and “allow” the app when prompted. Please note that you will enter the room under whatever name is attached to your Facebook account if you use this option.

The basic line-up of Crafting Demonstrations for the day:

10 am – Rebecca Parsonshttp://cre8tivecompass.com/mag/

1045 am – Marlo Letterlehttp://www.containyacrafts.com/

1115 – Lee Brehonhttp://www.createalways.com/

Noon – Kelly Donovanhttp://knittingandthings.com/

1 pm – Lisa Fulmerhttp://lisalizalou.blogspot.ca/

130 pm – Karen Ellishttp://www.thearthousestudio.ca/

2 pm – Dale Anne Potterhttp://daleannepotter.com/

3 pm – Suzi Bluhttp://suziblu.typepad.com/

330 pm – Jessica Griffinhttp://canyoupixelthis.com/

430 pm – Kelly Donovanhttp://knittingandthings.com/

515 pm – Kiki Halberthttp://kiki-halbert.blogspot.ca/

6 pm – Roberta Birnbaumhttp://decorablesart.blogspot.ca/

630 pm – Edie Cournoyerhttp://lifebytheseatofmypants.wordpress.com/

715 pm – Margarita Ibbotthttp://downshiftingpos.blogspot.ca/

I can hardly wait to share more information about the demonstrations and giveaways with you so stay tuned!
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