And thats the UNkind of Week its been!

So the week started out like any other week, with a Monday. But this Monday started with heavy winds and rain forcing me and the kiddies to play indoors. As the week progressed and the first sunny day broke, I took the kids outside to play. During our play, I could smell a skunk, yes a skunk, so keeping my spidey sense open to that possibility, we continued to play. No skunk was around, whew dodged that bullet, but just as soon as that bullet flew by, wham, crack, bam boom,whirl........I look up and a huge tree branch is coming down on me and one of my shadows, we quickly got out of the way, but it wasn't the tree branch that was of concern to me, but the clothesline wire that was whizzing by our heads, yikes. OK Lord I say to myself, I got it, head inside, so thats exactly what we did.

The next day I'm picking up my son at school at lunch time, as my helper has to leave early this day. When I walked into the classroom I find my son's teacher in tears, so not happy to see this, as I can only guess why she would be so sad. Working with kids for most of my adult life clued me into the possibility of her sadness and yes I was right. So hopefully our chat helped, but I know that the little ones of ALL of lives can be so unaware that we are in fact human and do NOT possess the multitude of super powers we show the world each day. Let me just say that I'm really looking forward to my vacation at the end of the month to. I could have just sat there and cried along side of her, LOL, but then who would save the world of the craziness kids can put us thru!!

Speaking of craziness.........so while I'm watching my young charges (watching a movie) it was soon discovered that the bathroom floor is wet, upon further discovery.....my basement floor is soaked as well, mmmmmm, the toilet isn't broke, nope the taps are fine too, how could this have happened? It seems water is only leaking from the furnace duct downstairs, weird or was it? Just add one son and a cup or two or three of water who thinks its OK to experiment and see what will happen if you dump water down the furnace grate, oh my goodness, did I want to start my vacation early, YUP you bet!

So its Friday now and needless to say, I'm counting the minutes until my day will be over, as tomorrow is my biggest "show" of the year and if the children desire to paint their heads purple, wear their underwear on their heads or dance naked in my backyard today.......I'm fine with that! In fact I may just join them. As the story goes......if you can't beat them - join them. Its really easier to go with the flow of children then to try and show them that my super powers will win everytime. And besides, if you can't find the humor in all this, then they've won!!

I hope all you moms out there haven't had too bad of a week and were able to find some peace and quiet, I did sleep alot this week, LOL, in bed very early all week. Have a GREAT WEEKEND! Until our next adventures!

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