Resin runs through my Veins

Do you know how much I love AMP - www.alumilite.com products?
You can't imagine until you put this stuff to work just how creative you will become!! I've been bitten hard by this product.

I'm sharing two cards today made using resin, the first one is a simple little vase. Cute sweet and to the point, easy to duplicate, looks good on a card, if I do say so myself.

The tree below I molded out of polymor clay first - I like polymor clay, but my complaint with it is that it just won't hold up to pressure and once I've made my first mold out of the amazing mold putty, I can make as many of these trees as I want. I used the gold powder found here to finish the tree and some ink pads, I sealed it with glossy accents.
I want to say that this little jar of metallic powder will last you forever, A GREAT VALUE!!

And just a reminder - when you place an order with www.alumilite.com use the code AMP20 for a 20% discount!!

Want to see more amazing creations using resin - head on over to www.amazingmoldputty.com

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