Snippit Rolls!

I was so inspired by the creativeness of this bloggers work - that I just had to make my own.

The beauty of making snippets is the ability to use up your scraps of paper, ribbon, charms, flowers, do-hickeys and do dads. I have created many of these already and I'm addicted. There are NO RULES to making snippets, which allows a delightful release of energy when you make one. I have been amazed by how many unused items now have homes.

You might wonder what you will do with these. I will use them on bags, scrapbook pages cards, altered projects, just about anywhere my heart desires. I will simply "snip" a section of the entire snippet that I want to use and place it on my project, rolling up the unused section for another project.
I make mine at least two feet in length, starting with a base of ribbon or canvas or fabric that is that length. Then I layer and layer. Easy right?? I hope you have fun making your snippets and remember to go and leave Carole some love for sharing her work/idea with us.

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carole brungar said...

Thanks for mentioning my name and popping by my blog! Looks like you have loads of very interesting snippets to use, what fun!
What a lovely blog you have :))