Spools Of Love

Its probably no surprise to many of you that I sew and love love love my sewing stash of goodies. But the one thing that was missing was LARGE sized spools. SOoooo, I made some funky, colorful resin spools that I could add to my stash. They can be made in any size, color, shape or height. Customize them however you like, but the end result is nothing but stunning. I love these and plan on making many many more of them. Imagine how many ways you can use these spools. Perhaps as decorating items, functional spools, gifts, toys, wheels, beading......the process is whats important here. I'll show you how to make a tube, that can be cut, threaded, embellished etc.

So here's how I made these.

Amazing Mold Putty
5 minute casting Resing
Alumilite Dye
mixing pots/stir stick
base form - plastic cup
narrow tube (battery or marker)
paper, glue, hole punch

Center base
Step 1 - mix putty together, form putty around marker to form a hollow tube, let dry
Step 2 - Mix equal parts of casting resin, with dye added.
Step 3 - place straw in the center of the mold putty tube.
Remember to close off one end of the straw with a sticky dot.
Step 4 - pour resin into mold putty tube. Let set.
End pieces
Step 1- mix equal parts of Casting Resin parts A & B, add dye and stir well.
Step 2 - pour resin into base cups, let set up
Assemble spool
Step 1 - remove all of your resin pieces from their molds.
Step 2 - file and sand any rough edges, if required,
making sure that your tube has flat ends on each end of the tube.
Step 3 - glue your end pieces to the tube. Any good quality adhesive should work.
I used crystal lacquer.
Step 4 - Embellish as desired.

I hope you will make some of these for yourself or as gifts.
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