It would seem that resin has been in use for a very long time, as to its origins or actual makers of the product I'm at a loss. But what I do know for sure is this. My grandfather used it in some of his projects. And yesterday I found this vintage hanging lamp that has been crafted from resin and rocks. YES ROCKS - I could hardly believe my eyes when I noticed that each resin piece was inset with a rock of some sort. Well you can only imagine the weight of this item. Needless to say there were NO takers at the garage sale for this item. The best part was that it even came with a backup set of resin pieces in case one of your lamp pieces fell out. LOL. I marvel at the weight, the time, the cost and the thought process that went into this. I'm thinking it was a very cold winter here in Saskatchewan when this piece was created. Thats all I'm saying. Have a look for yourself. Resin in all its glory!

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