Its ALL about Storage in this House!!

Do any of you remember the garage sale I went to last weekend? And do you remember this desk that was part of the haul??

Well I didn't think that this was very pretty, it had a weird top on it and although it was in great shape and really clean, its still just pressboard and not so pretty. Well thats not the case anymore. I just put the new handles on my desk and I'm ready to reveal this desks transformation.

Before I do that though - total cost for this redo, including the desk..........$3.00

what do you think of that?? I"m pretty proud of myself, really, I painted it, found the top at the re-store and let hubby put it together for me. LOL

I'm currently redoing my whole home - I have the plan and the color schemes for each room picked out. We will need new furniture, but now that we know exactly what we're looking for it should make the find that much easier.

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Nicole G said...

This is super work Lee!