Just some of my weekend finds!

You know my love for crafting is only enhanced by my love for flea markets and garage sales.
As I had some time to take my son camping last weekend, I was also able to squeeze in a little treasure hunting. I promised I would post some of the goodies I found......here are some of the pieces I bought, was given or negotiated!! (I know so many of the vendors and dealers here, that I can often get something for a song, simply because of my charm.....ya right. LOL)
 This case was full of craft supplies - total cost $5.00
 free skull and it lights up
 aaahhh, my love for Britto
 And resin bracelets from yester year
 a beautiful dresser mirror, again resin, so delicate

 beaded lace doilies - $3.00 four large pieces
One hotdog maker - its brand new - $15.00 and we've used it steady! LOVE IT!
What isn't pictured here is the Lionel Train clock that I bought for my son and an antique wind up train. I couldn't pry them out of my sons hands long enough to take a photo of them.
Whose going garage sailing with me next weekend?? I know ALL the best spots!!

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