The Summer Issue of Quiltposium is ON-LINE NOW!

You know each and every time I open www.Quiltposium.com I am humbled to be along side the most creative and gifted quilters and needle artists from around the world, even though I'm not a quilter!!
I do love fabric, thats true, I do love a needle and thread, thats true, I love color, check.....then why don't I quilt?
One thing is for sure that when I'm ready to take on quilting (and I will one day), I'll already have a ton of great tutorials, inspiration and people to connect with since I'm a subscriber and contributor to Quiltposium!!
This is a free on-line quilt magazine and the brain child of Jim West, author, writer, travel guru and my friend. I am constantly amazed by the color of this publication, Jim has a keen eye for capturing color, unique places and amazing fabric and fabric techniques ever put together in a single magazine!! Bravo Jim!
Now you know I just hate to sit on things, especially when it comes to sharing something I've made. Well wait NO longer......check out my latest article in www.Quiltposium.com.
I can see by my surroundings in this magazine that I need to bring my A game for all future submissions. I truely feel proud of my work, but I know I will learn so much more from reading the articles and techniques that the other artists have submitted. I can't wait to get started.......I have my reading all picked out for this weekend, DO YOU?

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