Fun Friday is here!

I'm so glad you could make it, as you can see my love for www.alumilite.com products has NO end and I'm so excited to share another piece with you.
I made this piece for my momma. I can make many more as I made a mold from the amazing mold putty and casting resin. This was so simple to make, but I love the results, don't you? 

Step One
Mix equal parts of 5 minute Casting Resin and pour the resin into a plastic pudding container.
Let this harden and decorate. Yup, it doesn't get any easy than that!
You can add dye to your pieces, embed objects......the possibilities are endless.
http://www.alumilite.com/ProdDetail.cfm?Category=Casting Resins&Name=Amazing Casting Resin

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