This Saturday, Oct 6th is World Cardmaking Day - Come see me DEMO LIVE!

Come see me DEMO LIVE!
This Saturday is World Cardmaking Day!!!
I'll be demonstrating at "TWO SEPARATE ONLINE "LIVE" events this weekend and wanted you to know where and how you can watch these live shows, win prizes, learn some cardmaking ideas and have a great time!
I will be giving away The Amazing 5 minute Casting Resin at each of my live demonstrations from www.alumilite.com . YOU have to be present during my ONLINE DEMOs for your chance to win this PRIZE! 
Saturday October 6th
The Odd Show event Details
Join us at the link listed below
Google+ Hang Out
Starts at 7am Pacific, 8am Mountain, 9am Central, 10am Eastern - 3pm UK time, 4pm Central European Time and will last for 9 hours
Here is a list of the demonstrators......See anyone you know??
10:00 am EST - Fabrizio Martellucci
10:30 am EST - Fabrizio Martellucci
11:00 am EST Cheryl Boglioli
11:30 am EST Cheryl Boglioli
12:00 pm EST Brenda Pinnick
12:30 pm EST - Edie Cournoyer
01:00 pm EST - Lisa Fulmer
01:30 pm EST - Lisa Fulmer
02:00 pm EST - Fabrizio Martellucci
02:30 pm EST - Susan M Brown
03:00 pm EST - Maria Given Nerius
03:30 pm EST - Maria Given Nerius
04:00 pm EST - Dawn Taylor
04:30 pm EST - Dawn Taylor
05:00 pm EST - Amanda Marks
05:30 pm EST - Susan M Brown
06:00 pm EST - Lee Brehon
06:30 pm EST - Amanda Marks
07:00 pm EST - Susan M Brown
07:30 pm EST - Leslie Rahye
08:00 pm EST Leslie Rahye
This is a two-day event that includes online live streaming craft demos and giveaways benefiting The Charity Wings Art Center on Saturday, October 6th from 12 noon to 5pm EST -and- Sunday, October 7th from 12 noon to 8pm EST.

Tonya Dooley of Cutie Pie That! Sat Noon EST
Jamie Dougherty Sat 1230 EST
Marisa Pawelko and Westcott Brand Sat 1 pm EST
Jennifer Priest/ Hydrangea Hippo Sat 130 pm EST
Elena Lai Etcheverry Sat 2 pm EST
Andrea Currie Sat 230 pm EST
Sat 3 pm EST
Susan Brown Sat 330 pm EST
Suzi Blu Sat 4 pm EST
Cheryl Waters Sat 430 pm EST

Angela Daniels NOON EST
Kelly Donovan 1230 pm EST
Terri Sproul 1PM EST
Lee Brehon 130 pm EST
Jennifer Priest/ Clearsnap/Globecraft Memories 2 pm EST
Lisa Fulmer 230 pm EST
Theresa Harris 3PM EST
Theresa Harris 330 pm EST
Magdalena Cortez 400 PM
Kristi Parker Van Doren 430 pm EST
Jonathan Fong 5 pm EST
530 pm EST
Eileen Hull 7:30-8 EST

I invite you all to join me at 1:30pm EST on Sunday at http://www.linqto.com/rooms/CreativeEdVentures/. Just go to this link, give yourself a screen name and join in the fun.
DO YOU LOVE PRIMA??? You still have time to buy your raffle tickets for the "Stop to Smell the Flowers with Charity Wings" raffle to benefit The Charity Wings Art Center! Each day of this two day event, we’ll draw for a winner to receive an amazing prize pack filled with all sorts of flower themed supplies! 
Raffle Tickets are ONLY:
3 Tickets for $5 | 10 Tickets for $10
25 Tickets for $20
Charity Wings to get your tickets!

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