By the Sea Shore

Bath Salt Containers an inexpensive Holiday Gift!
I found these beautiful containers at my dollar store, yes they were only $1.00. With these in mind my next stop was to my local scrapbooking store to find the perfect paper.
Of course with so many pretty papers to choose from, I thought this would be a difficult process. Until I spotted the perfect paper for the job.
The vintage labels with perfume like words & images coulnd't have been a better match for the Bath Salt containers.
I used a little round doily and Claudine Helmouth matte glue to adhere the papers to the jars. Add a little ribbon and your done. There are a ton of how-tos on Pinterest to make your own bath salts.
I think this project is VERY cost effective, pretty and will be loved by the receiver(s) as I plan on making many more of these.

 I wasn't content to leave it at that, I decided to make a bookmark and I have some cards that I made out of this one sheet of paper, so all in all a huge money saver. I hope you have been inspired to create something for gift giving this holiday season.

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