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Some great news was announced on the http://crystallacquer.blogspot.com and for me. Yes, I've gone and done it again, I tried out for the Sakura Design Team, along with many others and was lucky enough to have been chosen as part of their creative team.What does that mean you ask, well that means that for the next six months, I will be given the opportunity to showcase creations made by me, using products supplied by http://www.sakuracraft.com/ . WOW!!
I'm extremely excited to get started as I have already been using some of the products in many of my projects, mainly these products here http://www.sakuracraft.com/shop/3D-Crystal-Lacquer.htm. So it won't be hard to find a 101 more uses for these amazing products.
I want to say Congratulations to the new Design Team, I was elated to find out another gal and friend from Saskatchewan made the team as well. Dale Anne Potter is a talented mixed media artist and I look forward to working with her and ALL of the new members of this team.
And most importantly, I would like to thank Sakura and Terri Sproul (our team leader) for giving me this new adventure. I hope that I will be able to bring lots of traffic to your site and make you proud of my efforts.
To find out who else is part of this amazing team, read all about it here - http://crystallacquer.blogspot.com


Creando Con Detalles said...

Congrats!!!! It's going to be a fun ride!

Dale Anne Potter said...

I am EXCITED to be working with all of your, and esp. you a fellow Sask. artist.